About Chef Alessandro

Alessandro I. Calderon Jr. also known as Alex is a skilled chef.  He has been fascinated with the kitchen since age 5 when he would stand on a foot stool to make breakfast for his siblings and cousins before his parents woke up. The comedy was how the kids would all place their breakfast orders and he would whip up the breakfast of their desire.

Chef Alessandro was enamored by the kitchen always watching and learning the meal of the day from his mom and his grandma. By age 13 he was determined to become a chef and have his own restaurant one day. It was no surprise when in his sophomore year in high school he chose culinary as his vocational program going to C-tech where he graduated with a vocational and an academic high school diploma. He immediately went to college again for culinary.

When his family moved to Atlanta, GA he enrolled in the Art Institute of Atlanta for his bachelor’s in culinary and restaurant management. His passion along with his innate ability has positioned Chef Alessandro to soar. He has catered several small events from 10 – 40 individuals and offers a versatile menu. Yet, his real passion is cooking infusion Caribbean cuisine, much of which was learned from his Latino roots.

The most notable strength that Chef Alessandro has is his passion for delighting the pallet of individuals and creating joy through food. It appears that to every bite he pours out love, pleasure, and passion and it comes through to the pallet. His quest is to spread enjoyment to the heart through his infusion cuisine.